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This is an exact replica of the graduate sand tray therapy class I teach at a major university in Atlanta.You get 147 pages of creative ways to do sand tray therapy.If your resulting AQ score was above 31 then you may want to follow up with a medical practitioner to do further tests in order to determine 100% if you do have an ASD or aspergers. If you suspect that you or someone you care about is affected by asperger then it is important that you continue to learn more about this condition. Another point of interest is that around 80% of those actually diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder got an AQ score of 32 or higher out of the maximum 50. Below are the actual questions and instructions on taking the AQ Quiz For each question, record if you “Definitely agree”, “Slightly agree”, “Slightly disagree” or “Definitely disagree”. I prefer to do things with others rather than on my own. I prefer to do things the same way over and over again. If I try to imagine something, I find it very easy to create a picture in my mind. I frequently get so strongly absorbed in one thing that I lose sight of other things.

Creative Counseling e Books for Sale: Creative Counseling 101 e Book: Our Best Seller!Complete with lesson plans and behavior incentives.The Creative Small Group Counseling 101 e Book This ebook includes 252 pages of step by step group therapy ideas for school counselors and professional therapists. I am not very good at remembering people’s date of birth. I find it very easy to play games with children that involve pretending.Below you will find over 500 therapy activities and techniques from other creative counselors just like you.

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